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How to monetize a Facebook page


Two decades ago, the world was living comfortably without social media platforms the most famous method of people connecting with each other being through calls and mails. People waited anxiously for their letters, and the mailman was someone carried in high esteem by most community members. Today the game has changed, and people can no longer imagine living without their social media accounts especially Facebook. It has given a lot of people a platform to connect with their loved ones who are overseas or even a few miles from them, make new friends and even in most cases; you will hear that a couple who are genuinely in love with each other met through Facebook. Besides connecting, nowadays Facebook acts as a source of income to myriads of people across the world, and that always sparks the question how to monetize a Facebook page among people who are yet to understand how that goes on. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place because below are ways on how to earn money from a Facebook page.

How to monetize a Facebook page

Build an audience

Of course, if you are looking for an answer on how to earn money using a Facebook page you obviously have one, so we are not going to tell you to create one. The next step is to build an audience which will be viewing whichever content you decide to go with. One way to create an audience is by uploading your mail list if you have one and then Facebook will seek to cross-check those emails with the Facebook accounts available, and if they are present, an invite to like your page will be automatically sent to them.

Be an affiliate marketer

In the world of today, many businesses are turning to online marketing because it is the only way to withstand the competition and also reach more customers. However, they cannot do it on their own, and that is where you and your facebook page come in. Once you create a good following, you can now choose the products you want to promote from a particular company and share the links to the business’s website on your Facebook page. For instance, if you chose to be an affiliate marketer for Amazon’s beauty products, you get a unique link which you share on your page. Once anyone from you followers buys through your link, you get a certain percentage of the sale and just like that you will have managed to monetize your Facebook Page and make extra cash without working too hard.

Other ways to earn money from a Facebook page

  • Sell sponsored ads and posts
  • Create landing pages for your products or blog
  • Write reviews about companies and their products. Doing this lets you write an honest opinion about these companies, and you get paid for them or even get a small discount on their products. They are similar to sponsored ads and posts, but in the case of reviews, you are in control of the content and then post a link to the reviews on your Facebook page
  • Sell your photos

Make use of FP traffic software
As much as having a stable audience is essential, you cannot do it all on your own, and that is why you need to take advantage of FP software. For instances having multiple Facebook pages will help you circulate your content to more users and as a result, earn even more using your Facebook pages. However, in respect to Facebook’s policies you may not be allowed to create many pages, and hence that may limit you, but by making use of the FP traffic software, you can now create an unlimited number of Facebook pages and even upload as many posts as you want. By making use of the software, you will be reaching out to bigger crowds who will, in turn, follow your links to blogs and other websites which you are being paid to advertise hence generate more revenue for you. If you are shying away from using FP traffic because you aren’t sure how to go about it, there are many prominent people in Facebook marketing who use it and who have provided guides on how to monetize your Facebook page using FP traffic so you can get assistance from their guides. Follow the link below for more info regarding the excellent FP traffic software and how to make use of it.



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