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How to make money off your blog

Are you in search of a side hassle that will enable you to earn money without interfering with your full time job? Then, blogging is the best opportunity for you. Not only is it suitable for part timers with a full day job but its suitable for college graduates, stay at home parents and retired persons with the energy for new adventure.

A few decades back, blogging was considered a job for persons who could not make it in the main stream job market. Thanks to affiliate marketing and social media, blogging has helped to create brand new influencers. Not only have these influencers helped brands spread to local and international markets but they have improved their revenue stream and sales too.

Blogging is quite easy and once you get started, you will realize that there are tons of stuff for you to do. From health and wellness to baby products, shoes, watches, clothes and beauty products among others, bloggers are now able to make more money than ever.

Want to get started? Here is how to make money with blogging.

1. Affiliate marketing
By now I can assume that you have already selected your favorite niche and have your brand new blog already set up. If not, here is the ultimate guide to getting started with your new blog. Back to affiliate marketing. For those who are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is a performance based form of marketing where companies and businesses reward affiliates for creating awareness about their products and services.

There are four players in affiliate marketing namely:
Affiliate network
Here is the gist about affiliate marketing. Bloggers sign up to renowned affiliate networks such as Amazon Affiliates; they select products according to their niche, develop content and publish the content together with affiliate links. By now, your blog has attracted lots of traffic (if not, here is how to attract traffic to your blog). As a result, customers can read your product reviews and if your content convinces them to make purchases, they will do so via your affiliate link. If this happens, your account will be debited with the agreed commission.

Here are the top 14 affiliate networks to get you started.

  1. JVZoo
  2. Clickbank













2. Sell physical products
Did you know that the first physical product ever to be sold via a network (APRANET) was made possible by Stanford and MIT students? That happened over 30 years ago. Thanks to improved technology, you can now sell physical products much easier.

Platforms such as Shopify, Wix and Etsy have made it affordable and easier for bloggers to create an online store and sell physical products. Some of the products you can sell include handmade clothes, handbags, fashion accessories, hiking accessories, traveling accessories, shoes and jewelry among others.

Choosing the above platforms means more exposure for your blog which ultimately increases your sales and revenue.

Learn how to build a physical product marketplace with WordPress.

3. Sell digital products
Just like selling physical products, you can set up your ecommerce store and sell digital products such as eBooks and online training courses. To get started, select the right ecommerce platform. Setting up an ecommerce platform is not cheap but with WordPress; you can incorporate free or paid plug-ins to fast track the set up process. Here are 5 best WordPress ecommerce platforms to get started.

With your digital ecommerce store now set up, source your products from different publishing houses and authors. When it comes to training courses, find a niche that is popular and not saturated. The good thing about selling digital products is that you don’t have to ship anything. Customers can simply download the product and use it right away.

4. Sponsored posts
As said earlier, bloggers have turned into influencers and unlike in the past where bloggers could be paid $50 to $500 to write a sponsored article, today they can be paid thousands of dollars for a single post. As a blogger/influencer, not only can you write posts and submit them on your social media pages, you can create video based content or even post photos of the products on your blog and share them on social media.

Wondering why businesses have chosen this avenue and not traditional advertising channels like TV and radio? Well, it helps to generate 126% more leads for businesses, generates 67% more leads for B2Bs and generates 97% more inbound links for companies which translates to higher conversion rates.

5. Service provision
There are thousands of small businesses out there looking for help especially when it comes to social media influence and web presence. Majority don’t know how to develop and implement sound strategies that would enable them to reach more local customers via their social media pages. With your blogging skills, you can help these small businesses improve their social media and web presence.

This can be achieved by developing sound marketing strategies and implementing them on their behalf. You can also advice their marketing teams on how to increase traffic to their websites, how to use social media to address customers and how to create a direct sales funnel for their products and services. As a result, you will improve their brand coverage, conversion rates, sales and service delivery.

Final Thoughts
There you have it. Top 5 ways how to make money off your blog. Remember, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, service provision, selling physical and digital products can earn you more money than having ads on your blog. Furthermore, do not rely on a single method of monetizing your blog, combine two or three methods.

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